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1/40th at f/11, ISO 400 (50mm)

She thought it was weird that I was photographing people on the street just randomly. Good to see that most people respond positively to getting their picture taken.



1/200th at f/4, ISO 800 (50mm)

Spotted this lovely lady walking around and asked me to take her photo with her camera. Thought it was a good opportunity to help someone and practice my skills.

Grizzly Adams

1/500th at f/5.6, ISO 1600 (50mm)

The reason that he was looking downward was because he happened to be rolling tobacco as I took the shot. But luckily it highlighted his awesome manly beard.

Busy Beaver

1/200 at f/4, ISO 400 (50mm)

She was just on her way to the train station (luggage in hand) to see a friend so I managed to capture this on a time constraint.

Melissa Portrait Session

In an effort to expand my portfolio, I answered a few casting calls online and luckily one came through. It can be challenging working with new people and scenarios but I found it very rewarding in the end where it counts.