Wireless Festival Birmingham Day 2

As day 2 rolls on, I wasn’t plagued by rain like before, just a little drops during the OutKast set. Things went a lot smoother as I knew the location and what camera settings to use.

Salt-N-Pepa brought back all the old-school hits of the 80s and 90s. John Newman showed off his slick dance moves. The Sean Paul set has a packed tent. I felt like I was in a Jamaican Dancehall with the colourful lights, reggae horns and sexy dancers.

The act I was most looking forward to was OutKast, reunited and performing their biggest hits. Andre 3000 was a very funny guy to shoot, he definitely enjoyed himself out there with Big Boi. We even had an appearance from Sleepy Brown to perform ‘The Way You Move’.

The headliner of the night was Bruno Mars. Once again I wasn’t really familiar with his music but that didn’t stop me from getting caught up in the spectacular atmosphere of the live band. You could totally feel the Michael Jackson & Prince influences during the show and that’s a very good thing.

You can view all my Day 2 photos on my 500px page.


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