Wireless Festival Birmingham Day 1

On July 4th, Americans normally celebrate Independence Day. But for me, it was the opening day of the Wireless Festival Birmingham 2014. Having been jealous and annoyed at the amazing events held in other cities and countries, it was good to finally see a great event in my own back yard.

Looking at the rules of what I could bring to the event, I was lucky to get through the main gate with my camera. Though I wasn’t breaking any rules, I still had the feeling that the bouncers wouldn’t let my equipment through. Fortunately this wasn’t the case. Once I was in, I went to work.

To get the shots I wanted, I needed to be as close as possible. This meant that I had to cut through quite a lot of people to get to the front. To my surprise, I had little to no objection from anyone for doing this. They must have thought I was a member of the press which ‘technically’ I was as I wanted to cover the event.

I thoroughly enjoyed the various acts on stage that I was already a fan of such as Chance The Rapper, Earl Sweatshirt & A$AP Ferg. The great thing about festivals is that I get to hear artists that I don’t normally get to hear. Rudimental was a group that I have heard of but never really listened to their music. They were quite the exciting & eclectic bunch. Definitely worthy of closing out the Friday’s event. (Sorry Drake, get well soon).

You can see all my photos from Day 1 on my 500px page.


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