Love in the 21st Century

Times sure have changed in the dating world. The Information Age has made it remarkably easy to consume and share information about people without even seeing them in person. This of course comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

There’s never been a better time to meet new people. That potential partner is just a few clicks away and with a short read-through of their profile, you can easily find common ground for compatibility.

However, there are people who completely abuse this and make up all kinds of crazy things in order to stand out and appear more attractive to others. It’s not that difficult to bend and break the truth sitting in front of a computer screen. The movie ‘Catfish’ stands a testament to how lives can be shaken by this kind of behaviour.

That said, as advantageous internet dating can be to most people, I much rather just meet people face to face. The natural process of interacting with others and learning about them while seeing their facial expressions and body language first hand just can’t be replicated on a dating profile.


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