Olympus Has Fallen (Film Review)


Olympus Has Fallen stars Gerard Butler as Mike Banning, a Secret Service agent and America’s last hope to save the President (played by Aaron Eckhart) under siege and taken hostage at the White House by North Korean terrorists.

Haunted by an unfortunate accident eighteen months ago, Banning is forced to quit his job leading the President’s security detail and is now working for the US Treasury. Meanwhile, tensions run high as North Korean forces move closer and closer to the DMZ at the North/South Korean border prompting an urgent meeting between the President and the South Korean Prime Minister.

While this meeting takes place, a massive gunship makes it’s way into the heavily restricted airspace above the White House firing on innocent civilians, causing widespread panic and destruction. As horrible as this sounds, I was actually rooting for the terrorists as I was impressed by how organised and highly trained these guys were in taking over the White House.

While all this bloodshed is occurring, Banning somehow makes his way inside with no backup and has to rely on his Special Forces training and inside knowledge to take down the terrorists and save America from an imminent nuclear Holocaust.

Olympus Has Fallen has a surprising robust cast of veteran actors with the always reliable Morgan Freeman as the Speaker of the House, Angela Bassett as the Secret Service Director and Melissa Leo as the tough-as-nails Secretary of Defence.

Normally I don’t like it when people laugh too much during a film, especially if it isn’t a comedy but you really can’t help but laugh at most of the violence and cheesy one-liners dealt by Banning, reminiscent of Bruce Willis in the original Die Hard.

In fact, there’s a lot of elements of Die Hard and similar franchises in the action movie genre all throughout this film and is very blatant in it’s implementation. With that said, you’ll find Olympus Has Fallen very entertaining if you can turn your logical brain off for two hours and just enjoy the ride.


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