First Bronie Contact

This weekend I attended a local sci-fi meetup group as I wanted to meet new people and discuss all things geek in a relaxed, friendly environment. I happened to meet one guy in particular who I found out was a ‘My Little Pony’ fan, also known as a ‘Bronie’.

I’ve heard of ‘Bronies’ quite a lot in pop culture and the negative press they sometimes get but I’d never thought I meet one in the flesh. I was actually surprised to hear this as this guy didn’t really look like a person who would be interested in that sort of thing, let alone a guy who carries around miniature ponies in his coat pocket.

He even brought a copy of the comic book he purchased that day to show the group. As I gave it a quick read though, I realised how dark and mature it actually is. I’m starting to see how it outsold many DC & Marvel comics that were published recently as he told me all about his fondness for the franchise.

This whole ‘Bronie’ movement was bigger than I expected. Proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover.


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