The Perfect Way

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”

Kurt Vonnegut, Writer

When it comes to certain things, I am what some might say a perfectionist. I mostly like things to be done the correct way or not bother at all. But with that mindset comes much bigger problems such as procrastination and negative thinking. People might be very hesitant to dive head first or even feet first into an new venture but what I’ve learned is for most things, excessive planning will only hinder your progress in the long run.

Even now as I’m writing this post, I’m thinking how imperfect this post can be, whether I should stop altogether and just call it a night. But what will happen is that an inactivity streak will begin and will be seemingly harder to perform the task as the days go by.

We need to accept that we are all human and fully capable of making mistakes and embarrassing ourselves sometimes. Even the smallest of actions is often better than over-planning and endless research. In my opinion, this is the right way to learn and develop our confidence in the long run.


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