Writing Challenge – The Devil is in the Details

The Lady in Red

The bar was built in a style reminiscent to the nightlife of the early 20th century. The place had photos of famous celebrities of yesteryear and similar pop culture references lining the walls. This dimly-lit grand hall was filled with all kinds of young people enjoying a fun-filled Friday night. Sweet, sensual lounge music was being pumped through the speakers and filling with the room with mood-inducing rhythms.

But one individual made her entrance that made everyone in attendance take notice. From head to toe, she was infused with a passionate ruby red. Her wavy hair, her lipstick, her long, flowing silk satin dress & her sparkling high heels were bold statements in their own right. Even her eyes was filled with a fire hotter than the most fiery of volcanoes. Everyone was in awe of her sheer beauty but at the same time, intimidated by her devilish smile.

As she made her way from the old, weathered front doors to the bar, everyone couldn’t take their eyes off her. Her sheer presence had completely enthralled the crowd and was followed through with a sexy, graceful walk of a catwalk model. This highlighted her tall, curvaceous figure. The lady in red reached her destination at the very edge of the bar. The barman was already giving his full attention as she made her order.

Information on this week’s writing challenge can be found here


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