Emergency Evacuation

If you had to evacuate your home in an instant, what five items would you grab on your way out?

My main link to the outside world when it comes to social networks & news. Plus it’s really small to carry out the house.

Camera Bag
Has most of my photography gear inside it, all neatly packed ready to go. I would be devastated to be without a decent camera to express myself.

Portable Hard Drives
Contains backups of various media (music, video, photos, etc) so I would be at a big loss without those.

Admittedly, I don’t really play/practice enough nowadays but with just five items to my name, I would have much more motivation to do so.

Has cash and cards I use quite regularly, so in an emergency like this, it would be essential to have.

Now you might be thinking why I wouldn’t take my phone with me. That’s because the 3rd party battery I have for it runs out so quickly, it’s mostly useless in a situation like this. With that in mind, I should really sort that out soon.

So I wonder what five items you would take with you?


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