Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

I’ve made a few resolutions stick with me over the past few years. I made the decision to go full straight-edge (no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs) which wasn’t really all that hard since I was only a social drinker. I wanted to adopt a more healthy lifestyle and not have to copy others’ choices to feel accepted.

Also, I started taking my health more seriously by following a workout plan. I was never a couch potato or anything like that but felt that I needed to put some focus on my body and have made great progress since I began.

Lastly, I wanted to take pride in my appearance so I threw out all my ill-fitting clothes (some of which I still had since school) and got me some new treads. I feel much more mature and confident when stepping out of the house.

I believe that you have to be emotionally invested in your goals to have the best chance of achieving them. So what things do you have the burning desire to change?


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